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SAT Systems(15)

My antenna does not find the satellite, what can be the reason?
There may be no clear view of the satellite. Please download our SAT-Finder APP in the download area.
My system finds the satellite, but the signal is weak and the antenna is misaligned.
The antenna responds to reflections that can be caused by house walls. Please place the antenna further away from the house wall.
My antenna system takes a long time to find the satellite.
The GPS does not work.

The tilt sensor is not properly calibrated.

My internet works, but TV does not work.
Simultaneous TV works within a radius of about 350km around the place where the TV reception has been optimized.

If TV does not work at the same time as the Internet access, it is necessary to re-adjust the bracket to which the TV LNB is attached. Please refer to your assembly instructions for further details.

Do I need an approval for the roof construction?
How fast can I drive with the antenna retracted?
For correct installation, we recommend a maximum speed of 160 km/h.

Observe the orientation of the vehicle when loading the vehicle (eg onto the island of Sylt).

From which wind speed should the antenna be retracted?
The maximum wind force depends on the mounting on the vehicle. From 72 km/h the antenna should be retracted.
After successful activation of the modem, access to the Internet does not work.
Directly after the activation, problems can arise with the assignment of the Internet address. Please restart the router and the modem.
Do I have to drive out my vehicle supports?
Usually no, only in case of expected strong movements of the vehicle.
Can the plant be operated in wind?
The system is approved for operation at wind speeds of up to 72 km/h.
Are the electromagnetic waves transmitted by the antenna dangerous?
In the case of roof mounting, the field strength emanating from the antenna is lower than the load caused by a mobile telephone.

When operating on the ground, delimitations should prevent the transmission of the aerial by passers-by.

Can I paint the antenna?
Please contact us if you want a customized color.
Can I connect a WLAN router?
Yes, they can connect the WLAN router to the satellite modem. Please use the WAN port on the router side.
What happens in heavy rain or snowfall?
In heavy rain or snow, the data rate is reduced to maintain the connection. A disconnection of the compound occurs only in very rare cases.
Can I operate the antenna with 12V?
In order to operate the antenna with 12V, you need an AC / DC voltage converter. This is optionally available from us.


How fast is NewsSpotter™?
The speed depends on the selected service type. The Best Efford (BE) tariff allows speeds up to 10Mbit/s (up to 1.5Mbps or up to 4Mbps). When booking a NewsSession, the upload speed depends on the selected satellite system 10 to 18Mbit/s).
How does NewsSpotter™ work?
NewsSpotter™ is a satellite-based bi-directional full-service broadband service for fast access to the Internet. Bi-directional means: You do not need a telephone connection for all send and receive functions, since these are run entirely via satellite.
Where can I use NewsSpotter™?
NewsSpotter™ is available throughout Europe. An overview of the covered area can be found here: Network.
What is Best Effort (BE)?
Best Effort means that the Internet connection is a sharte medium. In this case, network management attempts to provide the customer with the maximum speed.

However, this can not always be guaranteed. In addition, the Best Effort rate option includes a previously booked volume. This volume is valid for one or two years after booking and can be recharged at any time.

With Best Effort you can surf at up to 10Mbit/s in the download and up to 1.5Mbit/s or up to 4Mbit/s in the upload. You can make your credit easy on View and charge.

What is NewsSession?
You can book a fixed line on at short notice, which is not shared with other users. To book, you specify the start and end of the line usage as well as the upload and download rate.
How can I book volume?
Volume can be quite convenient under to be charged.


The display of the ACU shows the error message "No Modem".
The connection between modem and router is interrupted, see error messages (List).
Error message on the display of the ACU:
The list of the error message and its meaning can be found on ...
After installing the system the antenna does not find the satellite.
Check the correct connection of the ACU, see assembly instructions
Is it possible to use a commercially available window feed for laying the coaxial cable from outside to inside?
No, as this is not designed for the frequency range used by the system.
Can I use the integrated WLAN of the antenna to connect to the Internet?
No, the integrated WLAN of the antenna is used exclusively for the control.
Is a deleted (cancelled) VideoSession computed?
If the session is canceled at least 24 hours before the booked start, it will not be charged.
The session is calculated for short-term deletion.
Calculation example for VideoSession:
Booked Video Session
Time: 60 minutes
Speed: 6 Mbps
Calculation: 60 minutes x 6 Mbit/s = 21,600 Mbit ~ 2.6GB

You are therefore charged 2.6GB booked volume for 60 minutes. Regardless of how much the actual consumption is.