ALDEN & The IPcopter Team

The IPcopter team consists of a network of specialists in the fields of:

  • Broadband services
  • Satellite communication
  • Satcom terminals and terminal logistics
  • Network Operation

The company’s managing director is Dr. Bernhard Neumeyer. With IPcopter Mr. Neumeyer aims to offer competitive services by translating his wide range of experience in the field of broadband communication into practice.

Being a ahareholder of IPcopter TST Kommunikationstechnik GmbH (~Ltd) contributes to the network and services by offering competent resources and by providing the server location and its administration:
Roland Reiter is responsible for the up- and downlink, the logistics of the terminal, and all kinds of other services.
Uwe Schedler takes care of sales-oriented tasks and carries out an essential amount of the communication with regulatory bodies.The development of technology and the implementation of the network are overseen by competent advisors from the field of satellite communication.